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Drumi Indigogo FAQs

We launched our Indiegogo campaign for the Drumi on Monday and the response has been fantastic! We are already at 35% of our goal thanks to our wonderful supporters. It's been a whirlwind couple of days and we have heard a lot of great feedback from all over the world. We have also received a lot of great questions about the Drumi and the pre-order process on Indiegogo.

We have already sold out of our early bird promotional price of $239USD, but due to the success of the campaign, we are offering 50 more units only at the early bird price. To order the Drumi through our Indiegogo campaign, please click here.

Q. Why is the Drumi more expensive than it used to be?

A. When we initially launched the Drumi, it was our first version. We have since received some great feedback regarding additional features and product improvements. We took this feedback into consideration and have improved our product and have released a newer version.

Some of the features include built-in measurements, an engraved lid and an improved drainage system. This is our first product and we want it to be made with the highest quality possible, which has resulted in an increase of price.

Q. What will the shipping costs be to my country?

A. Shipping costs for the Drumi will vary depending on which country it will be shipped to. Shipping costs will be a flat-rate for each country. To find out shipping costs please visit our Indiegogo campaign at The rate will be added to your order when you add your country of residence.

Q. Why is the Drumi only available for purchase in U.S. dollars?

A. We chose to run our Indiegogo campaign in U.S. dollars is because it is an international campaign and the U.S. dollar is more universal.

Q. I have pre-ordered my Drumi through Indiegogo. When can I expect my Drumi to be shipped?

A. If you ordered through our Indiegogo campaign, your order will be shipped in October, 2016. If you choose the “Get a Drumi, Give a Drumi” charity perk, you will receive your Drumi in September, 2016.

Q. I am an exisiting Drumi customer who ordered before August, 2015. Do I have to wait until October, 2016 for my Drumi?

A. Customers who ordered their Drumi before August, 2015 will still receive their orders in either July or August, 2016, depending on their purchase date.

Q. I am an exisiting Drumi customer who ordered before August, 2015. Can I get my order shipped to me outside the U.S. and Canada now that the orders have been opened up Internationally?

A. Our international orders will be processed through IndieGoGo, which is separate from our online store. The first batch of the Drumi's will be shipped only to Canada and the US.

There are two options that you can do:

- Keep your initial order with the Canadian address and have your friend/relative ship it to you privately


- We can refund that order and you can order through our Indiegogo campaign and have that Drumi ship to your home address.

The first batch will only be shipping to Canada and the US, but it will be an earlier delivery date.

Q. What happens if you don’t hit your Indiegogo campaign goal? Do we still get our Drumi?

A.Yes. Since we are running a flexible Indiegogo campaign, we will be able to use whatever funds we get to deliver you your Drumi.

Q. Where can I pick up the Drumi without having it shipped to me?

A.Unfortunately we do not have retail space for the Drumi at this time. We require a shipping address to deliver to.

Q. What do I do if I need to refund my Drumi?

A. All refunds for Drumis purchased through our Indiegogo campaign will be refunded through Indiegogo. To receive a refund, please email us at

Q. What is the warranty policy on the Drumi?

A. We offer a standard, one year warranty on the Drumi. Our return policy is 30 days with an unused Drumi complete with original packaging. The buyer is responsible for return postage.

Q. What is the capacity of the Drumi? What kinds of things will I be able to wash in it?

A. While the Drumi was originally made with personal items and delicates in mind, we have been able to wash 1 pair of jeans at a time. The Drumi can hold 5 pounds of clothing - that measures to around 7 personal items (t-shirts, boxers, socks, etc), or 3 sweaters. We do not recommend bed sheets or towels as they are a bit too heavy.

Q. Will the Drumi be available in different colours?

A. For our first batch, the Drumi will only be available in green and white.

Q. How big is the Drumi? How much does it weigh?

A. The size of the Drumi will be 18” x 16” x 16” and it will weigh around 20 pounds when empty.

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