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Top 10 Springtime Long Weekend Activities

It looks like spring is finally here, just in time for the May long weekend! It’s the time of year when the trees are budding and nature comes to life again after a long winter. We decided to share a list of our favourite things to do this long weekend!

1. Picnic in the park

Now is the perfect time to pack a picnic and head out for a day at the park. Take the dog, throw a Frisbee, or initiate a game of tag, there is something for everyone to do.

2. Hike a Trail

This one may seem trickier for some if there are no trails nearby, but you can get out and explore without them! Become an urban explorer in your city or town if nature trails are not readily available.

3. Find an outdoor movie viewing, or hit the Drive In

If you still have a Drive in Theatre near you, now is the time to take advantage and go and check it out. Outdoor movie showings are becoming more and more popular, even as the use of Drive Ins might be on the decline. Check your local listings to see if there are any movies playing in a park near you.

4. Go camping

Find a Provincial, State, or National Park this weekend and camp out under the stars. Most parks have campsites that will accommodate various types of camping equipment, from tents to RVs. Some even provide cottage-style huts and yurts for those that aren’t keen on sleeping on the ground but don’t own and RV. If trekking to a park is not your style and you have a backyard, set up a tent and pretend!

5. Plan a backyard BBQ

Nothing says “summer is almost here” like a backyard BBQ. Invite family and friends, set up the patio furniture and break out the BBQ goodness! It’s a fun, inexpensive way to gather everyone outside.

6. Plant something

It’s not too late to plant something! This weekend is a great time to get the last of your garden plants into your backyard garden, or to plant flowers in a bed or pots. Start an herb garden on you balcony, or plant vegetables in a backyard bed. Growing plants is very rewarding and kind to the earth!

7. Go for a bike ride

This is an activity the whole family can get in on. It’s great exercise and it gets you outdoors with a minimum of planning. Don’t own a bicycle? No problem! There are many places that you can rent bicycles for all or part of a day.

8. Find a patio

We know not everyone has their access to a backyard or balcony. Whether it be a favourite local café or restaurant, many places will have their patios open this weekend. This is a great opportunity to hang out with friends, or just sit and watch the world go by.

9. Visit a Farmer’s Market

There is nothing better than fresh produce from local farms near you. Local produce tastes great, is as fresh as you can get without growing it yourself, and it supports local farmers and businesses near you. Pick up carrots, potatoes, asparagus and corn that you can cook on your BBQ!

10. Fly a kite

This time honoured activity is still something that can be fun for everyone, even in our technological age. It’s challenging, fun, and appeals to the whole family!

Whether you choose one of the above activities, or discover one of your own, make the most of the long weekend by choosing to get outside and have some

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