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Yirego and Ontario-based Earth’s Berries have teamed up to provide you an entirely sustainable laundry experience.


Soap Nuts are an eco-friendly alternative to laundry detergent. Simply place the husks into the cloth bag provided, and toss it in with your clothes. They can also be used as a multi-use cleaning solution.

Soap Nuts: Save Money
While Helping the Environment

available soon

Cost Effective


Each bag will last approximately 1 year.

One bag (500g) is good for 100 – 150 loads of laundry.


All Natural


Made up of dried husk of a berry.

100% natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.
Does not emit any pollutants into water systems.




Chemical-free makes it ideal for cloth diapers and delicates.

Hypoallergenic and scent-free makes it ideal for sensitive skin.




When using soap nuts, there are a few things to remember:


Tip #1 – Temperature – Soap nuts need warm/hot water to activate. However, once activated, they will continue to work until discarded.
Tip #2 – Cold Water Wash – soak the nuts in the muslin bag in hot water first for about 3-4 minutes and then throw water and muslin bag of nuts into the laundry.
Tip #3 – Pretreating Stains – To pre-treat stains or soften water, add distilled white vinegar. Or pre-spot with either liquid soap nuts or another pre-spotter. Soap nuts can get stains out but do not stain themselves, despite being dark brown in color. Or, try adding a scoop of oxygen bleach to brighten fabrics. Be sure to separate whites from other colors.
Tip #4 – Use in A Controlled Applicator – Consider adding the solution to a spray bottle for controlled application and pre-spotting stain remover.


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