February 16, 2016

There are few things more rewarding than growing your own fruits and vegetables. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and well-being knowing that you had a hand in providing food for yourself and your family. Also, if you grow things from seeds, you know that it is 100% organic.


Why Start Seedlings Indoors?

Besides the pleasure of watching seeds sprout and grow, starting seedlings indoors give future plants a critical head start. It is easier to start seeds indoors where you can control the amount of light, heat and sun the seedlings get, thus creating hardier plants to transport outdoors. It is recommended that you start seedli...

February 9, 2016

The long weekend will soon be here. We wanted to share some of our favourite tips on how to get the most out of your weekend so that you are ready to face the world when you do have to go back to work. Here are our five top tips to get the most out of your long weekend.

  1. Make a Plan

We all say that we want to do “nothing” on the long weekend, but without a plan you could end up doing a bunch of unconsciously chosen random things and then wonder where the weekend has gone. Having an idea for what you would like to get done on a weekend will give it a sense of purpose. Plus the anticipation of all the fun things you have planne...

November 18, 2015

Follow these eco-friendly tips to prevent getting sick this winter season!



Wash your hands often.


Doctor’s agree that frequent hand washing can ward off more viruses and illnesses than any vaccine or other medical intervention.  Hand washing prevents the spread of germs from surface to surface and prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria. So lather up, and avoid being down and out this winter.


Avoid using antibacterial products.


Companies love to tell us that their antibacterial products will help kill more germs and keep you healthier. The problem is, these products also kill the good germs that would help ward off disease c...

November 11, 2015


We launched our Indiegogo campaign for the Drumi on Monday and the response has been fantastic! We are already at 35% of our goal thanks to our wonderful supporters. It's been a whirlwind couple of days and we have heard a lot of great feedback from all over the world. We have also received a lot of great questions about the Drumi and the pre-order process on Indiegogo.


We have already sold out of our early bird promotional price of $239USD, but due to the success of the campaign, we are offering 50 more units only at the early bird price. To order the Drumi through our Indiegogo campaign, please click here.


Q. Why is the Drumi...

September 3, 2015

Follow our tips to help you decide what to keep in your closet and how to get rid of what you don't need! 


July 9, 2015

Water is such an important component in the products we produce, consume, and in our daily functions --  a natural resource that we often take for granted. According to the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (2013), per capita Canada is one of the largest consumers of fresh water. To sum it up, the average person consumes 343 litres of water per person per day! At YiREGO we are geared towards finding the most sustainable solutions while adding convenience to our consumer’s lives. Here are a few tips and tricks to conserving water and curbing potentially wasteful habits.


June 2, 2015

On May 20th, 2015, the YiREGO Team was featured on Fairchild TV's Timeline Magazine! We were able to introduce others to the Drumi and the experience was great! We compiled some clips of the Drumi in action, watch some of the highlights from the show here: 


April 29, 2015

Two trade shows/conferences in one week! We've had a busy time and had tons of fun meeting other entreprenuers and start-up businesses at OCE the past few days.



April 25, 2015

Tons of fun this past weekend at the Babytime Show! 



March 29, 2015

We had a great time at the 2015 Toronto Green Living Show. There, the final prototype of the Drumi was presented and demoed to the public.



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